Kattygurl Scrunchie #99j Red Chocolate Brown


Scrun #99j Red Choco

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Beautiful timeless #99j Red Chocolate Brown, one of our most popular Browns!!!!

Kattygurl scrunchies, curls on point!! Curls on point stretch them, twist them, tie them! http://omins.co.nz/roxstuff/p/5021/ pls see our info site for colour comparisons and more products and photos. Great for messy buns, chignons.

Our newest product and on strong elastic with random rolling curls. As seen in the photos, they can be wound around your own hair/bun/ponytail. Cheap enough that everyone can have at least 2!!!

Unmatched in versatility, man made Kanekalon offers higher heat resistance plus flame retardant protection. Kanekalon is the most preferred and finest brand of modacrylic hair available in the world.