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Kattygurl Klip D Purple

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This is the most beautiful well balanced purple kattygurl Klip, on brown combs.

kattygurl klips

African style Butterfly hair comb, this auction is for Klip D. I can easily combine 2 or more for shipping so get in quick and get some put away now for pressies 🙂

* Create loads of different hair styles with one Klip
* Suitable for any hair types – even really thick
* Great for work, casual or Evening
* Awesome coloured strong combs
* Simple and easy to use
* Perfect for Gifts

As seen in the photos this design is strong enough for any hair type and will hold your hair in place all day/night long. Awesome strong coloured clips and beautiful butterfly patterned beads.

Create your hair style with you hand as you would normally would, slide one comb in and under, drag the other comb in a wider motion over your “do” and secure in and under the first comb, the elasticated beads will then drop into place and really that’s about it.

You can secure just about any style you like, you are not limited to buns. Your messy buns and pony tails will now have a fresh just done look even at the end of a busy day or a work out at the gym. Full instruction can be found at http://hairmagicusa.com/styles/

Colours to match your personality or lifestyle, these can be worn anytime – anywhere. Buy one for day – work, school or at play and then dress it up for evening wear or buy 2! Suitable for any hair type short or really thick there is nothing these combs cant hold.

Perfect for Gifts, girls you love em so will your friends 🙂 We have different styles for you to choose from