25″ 5 clip Piece, Straight #4/30 Medium Brown 120g


25″ Straight #4/30 Medium Brown

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#4/30 Brown/auburn a lovely medium brown mix, straight full 120gms and 25″/60cm long! We have other colours in both straight and curly, plus loads of dark colours. 120grams on 5 clips (25cm wide) these go across the back of your head above your ears and wrap right around the side to give lovely full coverage.

Brand new range of hair extensions for us. These are the first we have brought in that are Kanekalon which has memory so they can easily be maintained and looked after. They hang beautifully and move with you, will not tangle like older synthetic fibres. All of our synthetic hair is made from heat friendly material meaning you can straighten and curl them, with low heat never with your appliance turned on, just flick it back on to reheat then off again for safety.

Can be washed in warm water and fabric softener in a hand basin, rinsed well and then laid flat on a towel to dry, without brushing.