18″ Gold Blonde Wavy 4 Piece Clipin Hair Extensions +FREEBIES


Clipin Fast Hair Wavy Gold Blonde

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FREE SHIPPING no long hard plastic packaging but includes everything else, all other pieces of packaging, combs, clips, extensions etc.

These are the most amazing 18″ Clipin sets yet!!! Gold Blonde which is the equivalent to Beach Blonde #613 and wavy, new innovative synthetic fibre just like real hair and yes it can be heat styled! And your new set of hair comes with FREEBIES – a carbon sectioning comb and 2 brand new sectioning clips to make getting your hair extensions positioned just right easy as. Photo 2 is of Platinum Blonde to show you the amazing set formation.

Fast Hair is a really simple 4 piece clipin set approx 150gms, on a massive top and middle row of hair (pls see photos)
1 x 30cm x 3 full rows on 6 clips
1 x 17cm x 2 full rows on 4 clips
2 x 6cm 2 clips per extension
Beautifully packaged in a hair net with your instructions and your FREEBIES.

They come in a long but narrow rigid plastic box that unfortunately because of the length we are unable to send in the box, so we ship everything minus the box for FREE 🙂

We recommend trying lower heat first, with a clean appliance (pls test first to avoid damage.)