45cm Mahogany, Claw Clip, Wavy Ponytail

We have purchased this stock from another NZ supplier and colours are limited and we will not be able to be restocked!! To avoid disappointment get in quick.

18″/45cm long Mahogany wavy Ponytails on a Claw Clip. Mahogany is the darkest and deepest of our 3 copper/red (Rust, Firecracker & Mahogany) Ponytails. Mahogany is a perfect colour for dark rust, copper, to dark mahogany heads of hair. http://omins.co.nz/roxstuff/p/4861/

Can be worn as a Ponytail or twisted and tied to make an awesome updo or bun. These have always been our most popular styles of Ponytails. Can also be washed and tweaked with a straightener (on low heat) to get exactly the style you want. Will need a good brush out before being worn.